Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Clean Jerk: Fitness, Fatherhood and Fighting Addiction

A Clean Jerk is a play on the weight lifting movement as much as it is an admission of who I was when I was drinking.  I'm not a doctor, a therapist or a personal trainer.  I'm an insurance professional with two kids who for the past twenty years used an obsession with fitness to fight childhood insecurities and along the way discovered a meaningful relationship with addiction.

This isn't my attempt to explain away my indiscretions as a result of childhood trauma or addiction.  I am not interested in preaching to people about how they should live their lives; unless you harm the elderly, children or animals, I have no judgment on how you choose to live your life. We all have problems and the weight of those problems is borne on everyone individually.  Someone always has it better than you and someone always has it worse. 

Sometimes I will write about working out, who I follow, what I eat/supplement and how it helps provide an escape.  I am definitely going to provide anecdotes about fatherhood and some of the wonderful ways children challenge and surprise us every day.  Lastly, like the name suggests, this is also about my struggle with addition and specifically alcoholism.  

Join me as I delve deeply into all that consumes my mind.